Climate Change and Water


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IPCC Technical Paper VI - June 2008


Bates, B.C., Z.W. Kundzewicz, S. Wu and J.P. Palutikof, Eds.

IPCC Secretariat, Geneva, 210 pp.

Available from IPCC Secretariat


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Climate Change and Biodiversity



IPCC Technical Paper V - April 2002


H Gitay, A Suárez, RT.Watson, DJ Dokken (Eds).

IPCC, Geneva, Switzerland. pp 85.

Available from IPCC Secretariat (English OUT OF PRINT)


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Technologies, Policies and Measures for Mitigating Climate Change



IPCC Technical Paper I - November 1996


RT Watson, MC Zinyowera, RH Moss (Eds).

IPCC, Geneva, Switzerland. pp 84.

Available from IPCC Secretariat (English and Spanish OUT OF PRINT)


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