The IPCC organizes a number of meetings with different objectives and level of participation. They include Plenary sessions of the IPCC and IPCC Working Groups which are attended by representatives from governments and participating organizations, sessions of the IPCC Bureau, the Task Force Bureau and any task group set up by the Panel, as well as workshops, scoping and other expert meetings, and meetings of lead authors involved in preparing an IPCC report. The IPCC co-sponsors also meetings to support the assessment process, to disseminate its results and enhance interaction with scientists and users.


Calendar of WGII meetings for AR5


2008 - 2009 - 2010 - 2011 - 2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015


26-28 February TGICA-14 – Saint Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago  
(6) 7-8 April 37th Session of the IPCC Bureau (with preparatory meeting) – Budapest, Hungary 
9-10 April 28th Session of the IPCC – Budapest, Hungary 
31 August - 4 September 29th Session of the IPCC – Geneva, Switzerland 
19-21 November TGICA-15 – Geneva, Switzerland  
24 - 25 November 38th Session of the IPCC Bureau – Geneva, Switzerland 
21-23 JanuaryIPCC Co-Sponsored Workshop: Future Climate-Change Response Research: Learning from the IPCC's Fourth Assessment – Amsterdam, Netherlands 
23-26 MarchScoping Meeting on Extreme Events and Disasters: Managing the Risks – Oslo, Norway
20 April 39th Session of the IPCC Bureau – Antalya, Turkey 
21-23 April 30th Session of the IPCC – Antalya, Turkey 
13-17 JulyAR5 Scoping Meeting – Venice, Italy 
14-16 September Joint WGI / WGII Expert Meeting on Detection and Attribution related to Anthropogenic Climate Change – Geneva, Switzerland
17-18 September40th Session of the IPCC Bureau – Geneva, Switzerland 
26-29 October 31st Session of the IPCC – Bali, Indonesia 
4-6 November IPCC WGII Co-Sponsored Meeting: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability (PRO-VIA) – So Jos dos Campos, Brazil 
9-12 November Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation (SREX) First Lead Authors Meeting: – Panama City, Panama
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7-8 JanuaryIPCC WGII Co-Sponsored Meeting: ADPC SREX Workshop on the Asian Region – Bangkok, Thailand 
25-27 January Joint WGI / WGII Expert Meeting on Assessing and Combining Multi-Model Climate Projections – Boulder, Colorado, USA
4-5 February IPCC WGII Co-Sponsored Meeting: NRC Meeting on Socioeconomic Storylines for New Scenarios to Support WGII / WGIII AR5 and Other Assessments – Washington, DC, USA  
22-25 March SREX Second Lead Authors Meeting – Hanoi, Vietnam
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17-19 May SREX Case Studies Cross-Chapter Meeting – Geneva, Switzerland  
19-20 May 41st Session of the IPCC Bureau – Geneva, Switzerland 
6-7 July IPCC Cross-Working Group Meeting on Consistent Evaluation of Uncertainties – Jasper Ridge, CA, USA 
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4-6 August TGICA-16 – Boulder, CO, USA
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24 August IPCC Cross-Working Group Consultation on Article II – Liege, Belgium 
25-27 August AR5 Synthesis Report Scoping Meeting – Liege, Belgium 
11-14 October 32nd Session of the IPCC – Busan, Korea  
25-28 October SREX Third Lead Authors Meeting – Geneva, Switzerland
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29 October SREX Adaptation Cross-Chapter Meeting – Geneva, Switzerland  
1-3 November Joint WGII / WGIII Workshop on Socioeconomic Scenarios for Climate Change Impact and Response Assessments – Berlin, Germany
11-14 January WGII AR5 First Lead Authors Meeting (LAM1) – Tsukuba, Japan
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17-19 January Joint WGI / WGII Workshop on Impacts of Ocean Acidification on Marine Biology and Ecosystems – Okinawa, Japan
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16-18 March Asia Regional Expert Meeting – Dhaka, Bangladesh 
22-24 March Joint WGII / WGIII Expert Meeting on Human Settlement, Water, Energy and Transport Infrastructure – Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies – Calcutta, India
11-13 AprilSouth and Central America Regional Expert Meeting – So Jos dos Campos, Brazil  
27-29 April Small Island Developing States Regional Expert Meeting – Belize City, Belize 
16-19 MaySREX Fourth Lead Authors Meeting – Gold Coast, Australia
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20-22 June WGI / WGII / WGIII Expert Meeting on Geoengineering – Lima, Peru
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23-25 June Joint WGII / WGIII Expert Meeting on Economic Analysis, Costing Methods, and Ethics – Lima, Peru
9-11 August Least Developed Countries and Africa Regional Expert Meeting – Accra, Ghana 
14-17 November Joint WGI / WGII Session to approve SREX SPM and accept underlying document – Kampala, Uganda
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12-15 December WGII AR5 Second Lead Authors Meeting (LAM1) – San Francisco, CA, USA
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6-8 February TGICA-17 – Jasper Ridge, CA, USA
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26-30 March WGII AR5 Africa Chapter Symposium – Cape Town, South Africa  
18-20 September TGICA-18 – St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
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23-26 October WGII AR5 Third Lead Authors Meeting (LAM3) – Buenos Aires, Argentina
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14-16 May TGICA-19 – Jeju, Republic of Korea
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15-19 July WGII AR5 Fourth Lead Authors Meeting (LAM4) – Bled, Slovenia
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25-27 February TGICA-20 – Geneva, Switzerland
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22-23 March Pre-Plenary Core Writing Team Meeting –Yokohama, Japan  
25-29 March WGII Session to approve WGII AR5 SPM and accept underlying document –Yokohama, Japan  
27-31 October Session of the IPCC to approve AR5 Synthesis Report – Copenhagen, Denmark 
25-27 November TGICA-21 – Yokohama, Japan
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28 - 29 January IPCC Expert Meeting on Potential Studies of the IPCC Process – Geneva, Switzerland  
18 - 20 May IPCC Expert Meeting on Scenarios – Laxenburg, Austria  
27 - 29 May IPCC Expert Meeting on Climate Change, Food, and Agriculture – Dublin, Ireland
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