Chapter 1

Climate change: new dimensions in disaster risk, exposure, vulnerability, and resilience


Coordinating Lead Authors

Allan Lavell

Program for the Social Study of Risk & Disaster

United Kingdom / Costa Rica

Michael Oppenheimer

Princeton University

United States

Lead Authors

Cherif Diop

Senegalese Meteorological Agency


Jeremy Hess

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

United States

Jianping Li

Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Robert Lempert

RAND Corporation

United States

Robert Muir-Wood

Risk Management Solutions

United Kingdom

Soojeong Myeong

Korea Environment Institute

Republic of Korea

Review Editors

Susanne Moser

Susanne Moser Research & Consulting

United States of America

Kuniyoshi Takeuchi

International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management, Public Works Research Institute


Contributing Authors

  • Omar-Dario Cardona – Colombia
  • Stephane Hallegatte – France
  • Maria Lemos – United States
  • Christopher Little – United States
  • Alexander Lotsch – United States
  • Elke Weber – United States