SREX Scoping Meeting

At its 38th session (24-25 November 2008 • Geneva, Switzerland), the IPCC Bureau requested that Working Group II take the lead on organizing a scoping meeting. A call for expert nominations (84KB) was issued to Governments and Observer Organizations on 8 December 2008, and a Science Steering Group assembled to evaluate submissions, identify gaps, recommend additional candidates, and assemble the most noted experts in the field to invite to the scoping meeting.

The principal objectives of the scoping meeting were to foster collaboration and discussions between climate science researchers spanning all three IPCC working groups (science, impacts, adaptation, mitigation) and colleagues in the disaster preparedness and risk management communities. After securing needed context on the first day, subsequent days were devoted to plenary and breakout groups to develop a structure for the proposed Special Report and an annotated outline, using the Norwegian proposal as a starting point.

The outcome of the meeting provided guidance to the 39th session of the Bureau and the 30th session of the IPCC (20-23 April 2009 • Antalya, Turkey), where it was decided to prepare the Special Report, following IPCC procedures (92KB) and with the involvement of the UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR).

Refer to the following documents/links for more information regarding conduct and findings of the meeting:


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