Report launch event, Johannesburg, South Africa

31 March 2014
This event is hosted by the Academy of Science in South Africa (ASSAF) with sponsorship by Nedbank.

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Indigenous-hosted release event of the WGII AR5 polar regions chapter, Kautokeino, Norway

31 March 2014
The event will focus on impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability for the residents and socio-economic structure of the Arctic and particularly for indigenous peoples.

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IPCC Press Conference to present the Working Group II Summary for Policymakers, Yokohama, Japan

31 March 2014
A press conference to present the Working Group II Summary for Policymakers will be held following its approval.

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Opening Ceremony of the 10th Session of Working Group II in Yokohama, Japan

25 March 2014
The 10th Session of IPCC Working Group II opened in Yokohama on 25 March 2014.

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