Call for Author Nominations

IPCC member governments and participating observer organizations were invited to nominate experts to serve as Coordinating Lead Authors (CLAs), Lead Authors (LAs), and Review Editors (REs) of the various chapters of the three Working Group contributions to AR5. The Working Group II Bureau employed a very deliberate process to evaluate the 1,217 nominations received in response to the Call to Governments and Observer Organizations issued via the IPCC Secretariat. Thorough reviews of all CVs — plus input from IPCC Focal Points, observer organization representatives, and senior leaders in climate science — provided the basis for Working Group II Bureau decisions presented at the 41st Session of the IPCC Bureau (19-20 May 2010 • Geneva, Switzerland). Given the volume of interested scientists and researchers, it was impossible to accommodate all the qualified experts nominated as Coordinating Lead Authors (CLA), Lead Authors (LA), and Review Editors (RE). The Working Group II Bureau pursued two CLAs (usually one developing country / economy-in-transition and one developed country representative), six LAs, and two REs per chapter. Further information on CLA/LA/RE responsibilities can be found in Annex I of the Procedures and in the short description here.

While identifying writing teams of the highest scientific merit, the Working Group II Bureau also considered the following guiding principles when evaluating and ranking nominations: (i) appropriate expertise to address effectively the plenary approved outline (PAO); (ii) representation of the full range of scientific opinion; (iii) no repeat CLA pairs from the Fourth Assessment Report (AR4), in pursuit of fresh insights; (iv) at least 40% developing country / economy-in-transition representation; (v) improved gender balance; (vi) target of 50% "new" authors not directly involved in the AR4 cycle in a substantive role; (vii) target of 20% "young scientist" involvement (i.e., having obtained highest degree within the past 10 years) to ensure experienced authors for future assessments; and (viii) assignment of senior, experienced scientists for CLA and RE positions.

In accordance with the IPCC procedures, the chapter teams selected by the Working Group Bureaux were presented and finalized at the 41st Session of the IPCC Bureau in Geneva, Switzerland, 19-20 May 2010. Acceptances of the invitation to participate were received from the Coordinating Lead Authors, Lead Authors and Review Editors for the 30 Chapters and the slate for the WGII AR5 was finalized in June 2010. In the course of the next few years, a few individuals found that they were unable to undertake the tasks expected of them, either due to ill health or other work priorities, and stepped down, in most cases being replaced. All such changes were approved by the WGII Bureau and the final list of the WGII AR5 chapter teams is available here.

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