Special Report on Extreme Events

Fifth Assessment Report (AR5)

WGII AR5 Provisional Schedule


2009 - 2010 - 2011 - 2012 - 2013 - 2014


13-17 July AR5 Scoping Meeting – Venice, Italy
14-16 September Joint WGI / WGII Expert Meeting on Detection and Attribution related to Anthropogenic Climate Change – Geneva, Switzerland
4-6 November IPCC WGII Co-Sponsored Meeting: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability (PRO-VIA) – So Jos dos Campos, Brazil
15 January Call for WGII AR5 Lead Author and Review Editor nominations issued to Governments and Observer Organizations via IPCC Secretariat
25-27 January Joint WGI / WGII Expert Meeting on Assessing and Combining Multi-Model Climate Projections – Boulder, Colorado, USA
4-5 February IPCC WGII Co-Sponsored Meeting: NRC Meeting on Socioeconomic Storylines for New Scenarios to Support WGII/WGIII AR5 and Other Assessments – Washington, DC, USA
12 March WGII AR5 Lead Author and Review Editor nominations due to WGII TSU
23 JuneWGII AR5 Coordinating Lead Author, Lead Author, and Review Editor appointments announced
6-7 July IPCC Cross-Working Group Meeting on Consistent Evaluation of Uncertainties – Jasper Ridge, CA, USA
4-6 August TGICA-16 – Boulder, CO, USA
24 August IPCC Cross-Working Group Consultation on Article II – Liege, Belgium
1-3 November Joint WGII / WGIII Workshop on Socioeconomic Scenarios for Climate Change Impact and Response Assessments – Berlin, Germany
11-14 January First Lead Authors Meeting (LAM1) – Tsukuba, Japan
17-19 January Joint WGI / WGII Expert Meeting on Impacts of Ocean Acidification on Marine Biology and Ecosystems – Okinawa, Japan
16-18 March Asia Regional Expert Meeting – Dhaka, Bangladesh
22-24 March Joint WGII / WGIII Expert Meeting on Human Settlement, Water, Energy and Transport Infrastructure - Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies – Calcutta, India
11-13 April South and Central America Regional Expert Meeting – So Jos dos Campos, Brazil
27-29 April Small Island Developing States Regional Expert Meeting – Belize City, Belize
20-22 June WGI / WGII / WGIII Expert Meeting on Geoengineering – Lima, Peru
23-25 June Joint WGII / WGIII Expert Meeting on Economic Analysis, Costing Methods, and Ethics – Lima, Peru
25 July - 21 SeptemberInformal Peer Review
9-11 August Least Developed Countries and Africa Regional Expert Meeting – Accra, Ghana
12-15 December Second Lead Authors Meeting (LAM2) – San Francisco, CA, USA
6-8 February TGICA-17 – Jasper Ridge, CA, USA
26-30 March WGII AR5 Africa Chapter Symposium – Cape Town, South Africa
11 June - 6 August Expert Review
18-20 September TGICA-18 – St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
23-26 October Third Lead Authors Meeting (LAM3) – Buenos Aires, Argentina
28 March - 24 May Government and Expert Review
14-16 May TGICA-19 — Jeju, Republic of Korea
15-19 July Fourth Lead Authors Meeting (LAM4) – Bled, Slovenia
28 October - 20 December Government Review of Final Draft SPM
25-27 February TGICA-20 — Geneva, Switzerland
22-23 March Pre-Plenary Core Writing Team Meeting — Yokohama, Japan
25-29 March WGII Session to approve SPM and accept underlying document – Yokohama, Japan